Static Websites - Xenon Fiber System Commissions


We will design a static HTML/CSS website of varying complexity. Purely HTML websites will have a significantly reduced price. We're willing to incorporate certain existing Javascript software into the websites, such as Able Player.

Pricing starts with a base price for the type of project, and then has an additional cost based on the number of hours worked. We also separate our pricing into two categories based on how the client, or the group they represent, is organized.

Please send an approximation of this information with your email:

Not everything here is needed, but additional details make a more accurate portrayal easier.

We will respond with any additional questions before giving a rate, then we can have a PayPal invoice sent. Work will start when payment is complete.

Commissions will not be taken if you do not consider our terms acceptable.

Contact us by email at If you're interested in using encryption, download our public key (Fingerprint: 089F 43A9 4892 176A 55AC B5F2 380D 8D6C 955E 8A82).

A translucent website with a header logo above four page buttons. Below that, there is an album player using AblePlayer. A translucent website with an album player. There are download links. A blog homepage using the Jekyll static blog generator. It is custom themed to match the rest of the website. A video directory. It has a separate navigation header and another section with a mixture of text and links.